How to create a multi purpose studio room in less than a week

We had less than a week to move into Studio 7 before opening night. Our main challenge was to cover up some very patchy wall, mainly consisting of lots of dark green and gold and burgundy whilst not getting in the way of the builders who were still stripping staircases, fixing sockets, painting windows and filling holes.

Given this space was supposed to be a shared office Rachel and I each made a wish list of what we wanted from the room,  mocked up some solutions in 3D and got our paint brushes and a very tall ladder out and started tackling velvet curtains and dark green and burgundy paint.

After raiding our houses of any chairs, plants, cushions, art and throws we could spare and some frantic local shopping trips the room was ready an hour before the grand opening of the new Halpern Conservancy building – the first artist studio to open its doors. And we couldn’t love it any more.

Come and say hi. The art making has begun and to book a print workshop at Studio 7 visit Rachel’s site iprintedthat.