How to set up an inspiring and creative studio space in a week

When we found we got the studio space on Rochester High Street in the absolutely stunning Halpern Conservancy Board building my friend Rachel from iprintedthat were probably as happy and excited as kids in an ice-cream store.

Finally a beautiful space to be creative in! We had a week to plan before the big opening night. And we had our work cut out for us: we had to paint 12 feet tall dark maroon walls with multiple coats, set up and furnish the space to become an inspiring and creative space that would work for print workshops as well as a painting studio.

So this is what we came up…

We started out by compiling separate detailed lists of what we really wanted from the space to make sure that we’d both be happy with it and remain friends. We also listed what furniture we might have since we were working on a very tight budget and tried to reuse furniture we already had wherever possible.

I used a 3D tool to create a floorplan and came up with a few options on how to best use the space and then we had to roll up our sleeves to get the space ready in time for the opening night.

Thankfully we had some very nice builders and painters on site that gave us a few tips and lent us some ladders to remove some dusty and heavy velvet curtains and after having been in the space for about 6 months we must say: it really works! Rachel and I have become even better friends and every day we come into the studio we still love the space as much as the day we moved in.

I’m so happy we were able to create a creative space that doesn’t just look great but also works on a functional level. We even got featured on a special BBC’s Homes under the Hammer episode where we were interviewed about how much we love working here.

Are you looking to convert your office space and create something that’s inspiring and gets your team excited to come into the office without breaking the bank?

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